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 Virus infection and Optimization: $99 
Remove Viruses
Remove Spyware, Malware & Adware 
Repair of damaged, corrupt, and missing OS files
Install latest Windows Updates
Optimization of system
Manage Windows startup applications
Run Checkdisk Program
Clean Registry errors


Laptop DC Jack repair: $139 includes cost of jack

Replace DC Jack on laptops not powering on.

The jack where your charger plugs into the laptop. 

 Laptop Screen Repair: $59 plus cost of screen.
90% of all laptop screens cost $95. Labor to install the screen is only $59


Replacing motherboard is $99 in labor.

Motherboards are usually between $75 and $225.

Desktop power supply repalcement
Desktop Computer won't power on:

Standard power supply is $49 and labor is $29. Usually takes less than a hour to complete


 Windows upgrade:
Upgrade your version of Windows for $99 (plus license if necessary)

Reinstall Windows:
Labor is $99 


 Data Recovery: $99 per drive
We recover your data or it is free. No limit to the amount of data to be recovered per drive.